TheElevationGroupMD 300x239 The Elevation Group with Mike DillardThe Elevation Group is based on building wealth and strategies, that the big boys do in their own businesses. Mike Dillard started The Elevation Group, because he said he has no problem with making money. His problem is keeping and investing money for the future like the wealthy big boys do. He thought if he was having problems with that, there must be a huge  demand for this kind of problem in the world we live in today. Then Mike started doing his homework and found out there is a huge problem with this in the world today. And seems like it is only getting worse as time goes on.

Mike Dillard is no stranger to putting together systems that work for the masses. I have bought about everything Mike has come up with through the last few years. His background businesses are in the MLM and attraction marketing industry. He put together some very cool products, to help people take their businesses to the next level. Mike has been on the leading edge of some very exciting marketing and branding businesses and I have loved learning what he teaches.

I believe The Elevation Group is going to be right inline with his past businesses Mike has had. Mike Dillard has a way of teaching people how to prosper and grow their business, thorough education. This is not just a teaching coarse, but a way to follow along with Mike to see exactly what he is doing and how he is doing it.

Mike is a true coach who knows what he’s talking about. Dillard also leads by example as he is also very committed to the group. Being the businessman Mike is, he turned over his Magnetic Sponsoring Company to his very successful partner Tim Erway, so he can stay focused on The Elevation Group like he needs to be so he can take it to very high levels just like his other businesses. And help a lot of people along the way, to do the same this is not a bunch of hype and fluff.

So if you are wanting to learn about protecting your assets, Silver and Gold investments, life insurance, infinite banking strategies, retirement, taxes, and money mindset in the years to come and how they all relate to global wealth cycles. You are on the right blog. I also have a more detailed article if you would like to read more on The Elevation Group you can go here.

When I first looked in the back end of the membership site, I was very impressed. But after buying most of Mike Dillard’s  other products through the years, that is what I expected nothing short of first class and that is what it is. Because his goal is value, value, value and that is what The Elevation Group is all about he loves to give away value.  So what ever goals you are trying to reach in life, just one word of advice. Don’t stop until you reach all of your goals as hard as it may get, move forward don’t stop, don’t quit, and never give up.  I think that this group will help you reach all of your goals, only if you put what you learn into action. But you just have to take action…Good luck.

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listen to your audience  The Elevation Group Has Wealth SecretsWorking hard may mean a lot of different things to you. One of them is working very hard and diligently  in what ever kind of job you have at the time.

Another meaning of this phrase could be having the integrity to do what is asked of you and more without someone constantly there peeping over your shoulder .

The Elevation Group can help you with both definitions of working hard and can definitely help you succeed in life. However, you must learn to be able to work smart, like the saying goes work smarter not harder and this means that you will have to be able to invest a lot of your time and energy on things that matter most to you. This is things like building wealth for your future. You must learn this as early as you can in life, because it will take you a long way in life and be able to do the things you and your family wants to be able to do and get out of life.

So I know some things are meant to stay hidden. Wealth secrets for example, are secrets that are not meant to be kept and locked away in a place that people cannot access them. But they are meant to be shared to those who are willing to learn and to listen to people that are in the know. You have got to stay ahead of the rest, and be sure you are listening to the people that are in the know. I believe Mike Dillard is the person that is in the know right now.

This is where The Elevation Group comes into play. This is something Mike Dillard has put together, so people can learn what they need to know about building wealth. And he supplies resources so you can see what he is doing to build wealth, because he is learning from people that are doing the same thing.

Learning is a huge part of growing, but you have to want it. You will need to crave gaining new insights, and be able to scout out new resources that can help you find ways on how to reach your max potential. You must have a goal to learn new skills and seek out people that can contribute the wisdom that you will need to have all of the principles that you will be able to apply in your everyday life.

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Picture 5 Wealth Cycles with The Elevation GroupWhat’s important to understand, is that Wealth Cycles Come and go.  We are getting ready to go through one that has repeated itself hundreds of times, in hundreds of countries since the beginning of man’s very first currency. This time it will not be any different.

It is for sure, and there’s nothing you and I can do to try and stop it. But with all great change comes great opportunity, this is why they are called wealth cycles and it is possible to end up on the winning side if you are getting your information from something like The Elevation Group. You need some so called inside information, if you will to try to survive in this world this day and time.

Simply put, a wealth cycle shows how you can move your money from an over-valued asset class in a bubble, to an undervalued asset class. Then ride the new asset up until it becomes over-valued, sell, and repeat the process. But the main thing is you have got to know when to get in and when to get out.

A great example of this is the big bubble of the late 90′s. This was another wealth cycle many people don’t realize this, but the tech investing boom actually started in the early 80′s just as the last gold and  silver boom was ending. Much of the money moved out of gold and silver, which was over-valued by 1980, into emerging tech stocks and internet start-ups. The Internet start-ups is a whole different animal, and all of the .coms that exploded and went up as fast as they went down.

As gold was sucked dry, it’s priced dropped by 2001. Much of that wealth moved into the tech sector and created the largest asset bubble that we had in history at that time by the year 2000. In 2001, the peak of wealth cycle had been reached, and the money started flooding out of tech stocks, and into tangible assets and real-estate. Everything with the world years ago and today, mainly financial related runs in cycles.

As the final phase of real-estate progressed, big dollars flooded into housing, fueling the largest housing boom in history. The price of a median family home went from $130K in 2001, to $220 plus in 2008, but that is when it peaked, and the money is now pouring into the next big deal… Gold and Silver.

If you understand how cycles work, you can get wealthy by selling at the top of the current one, and buying at the bottom of the next. Unfortunately, the uneducated people does the exact opposite as they should be doing. They buy assets that are hot and rising at that time, and then sell because they are afraid they are going to lose everything they have made, not realizing that the cycle has ended and that the educated money has already moved out of that sector.

This is why understanding Wealth Cycles is the single most important part of your investing strategy. And you have got to get educated by the people that are in the game of building wealth. That is what Mike Dillard has put together with The Elevation Group.  It is a knowledge based resource for you to capitalize on the greatest wealth transfer in history.

And you can do this by positioning yourself on the receiving side of this great wealth transfer you stand a chance to become very very wealthy. If you would like to see a full report on The Elevation Group go here and see a review on what could be the best thing since  sliced bread. And you can learn how to make some serious  bread, for your future. Get ready to see how Wealth Cycles really work first hand.


images 1 Is The Largest Wealth Transfer in your Future?In today’s economic crisis, most people are struggling in their finances during this time of the recession. Some times there seems like there is no light at the end of the tunnel. Mike Dillard started The Elevation Group at just the right time, for people to try to get their hope back and their finances back.

People has lost a lot of their retirement, being 401K , IRA’s, Property value, Stock Market and so on. Most people weren’t educated to get into the right direction to create wealth and financial freedom to spend more time with friends and family. This is why this group is created, known as The Elevation Group.

Most people are wondering why they are taught in their primary MLM learning the traditional marketing methods in network marketing that no longer works with 97% of the people in the industry today. Times and technology have changed in the past decade or so that you have the dreams of getting the lifestyle that you always wanted for yourself and your family.

A lot of people stay on their standard every day to day process. But their is big changes coming down the line in the next couple or three years. What the Wealthy people are saying this is going to be the largest  wealth transfer in history. Everyone has a chance to create a ton of wealth in this largest wealth transfer, if you are in the know.

You can be on the outside looking in, or on the inside looking out the choice is yours. But you need to be learning from the people that know what is going on, in the financial world today. And what better people to learn this from than the people that in creating wealth today.

Mike Dillard is going out and finding these people to interview, and find out how they are doing it. The Elevation Group mastermind team is on the inside looking out. You have got to educate yourself, and prepare for the future. Because the future is going to come and go before you know it.

One thing you need to try to use wisely is time, there is only 24 hours in a day. Have you thought about how you spend it, do you waste a lot of the time doing nothing? Or are you using your time wisely, educating yourself and preparing your family and yourself for the largest wealth transfer in history it is coming. If you would like to read a full report on The Elevation Group do so here, and get ready to take the ride of a lifetime.


images 51 Is the Greatest Wealth Transfer Coming to a City Near You?Some people are saying the greatest Wealth Transfer in history is coming to a city near you. Do you believe this is true, well as they say all of the stars is in line for this to happen. Which side of the table will you be on if the great Wealth Transfer in history does come to your city. Just look around at the wonderful state the economy is in right at this very moment, in your city is it good or bad.

Money does not just fall from the heavens like we wish it would, and this is definitely one of the more difficult  times with current economic conditions in History. To stick to business ventures that are faltering amidst the current crunch is definitely a recipe for disaster. Right now you need a business that sells people what they have got to have, not something that would be nice to have.

A lot of the luxury items right now will not sell, because people does not have the extra money to spent on your items. The Internet provides a great opportunity for businesses to be free of national economic crisis. Businessmen and Businesswomen do not have to rely on their own domestic markets when it has shrunk to the point of non-viability and just drying up your bank account to stay open.

The small brick and mortar businesses have taken a big hit in this down economy the last few years. The banks will not even talk to them about helping them out with a loan, unless they have 60-75% of the money they need on hand right now in their bank account. This is the problem, their business is doing OK but they need money to expand and grow. But they can’t because the bank’s will not even talk to them, because of all the bailout’s and bankruptcies so many have faced.

Instead of focusing on the local or domestic market, they could widen their scope by simply using the Internet. By reaching out to customers from other parts of the world, businesses can aim for survival. These may even be able to plot higher income targets despite the economic crisis in their countries of origin.

If economic crisis is the setting for greater wealth transfer, then this should be seen as an opportunity for becoming wealthier. images 61 Is the Greatest Wealth Transfer Coming to a City Near You?However, indeed it is that the greatest wealth transfer is more likely to occur on the gloomiest moments. History has proven this to be true as in the cases of the Rockefellers, who actually generated most of their initial wealth during the period of the Great Depression.

Because of this, there is no reason for people to be absolutely pessimistic about the future. Because if a person is provided with the necessary information or, better still, education on how to access wealth transfer and to multiply it effectively, they may just find themselves rising from the ruins of the economic crisis and establish a far more affluent way of life.

Education about economics is so important that is why I really like Mike Dillard with The Elevation Group. Mike is helping show people what they need to do to prepare themselves, for the near future and the retirement future.

It is a big learning curve for most people, because they do not teach this kind of stuff in school while they are growing up. This should be taught in high school I think, to prepare themselves for when they go out in the world. If they taught wealth building in school, you would understand Wealth Transfer and how it works.

There is no denying silver and gold have always been the best way to create, build and collect wealth for smart investors and the lucky few. With a flood with all of the fiat currencies devaluing the dollar and the global economy more turbulent than ever before in history, people are now waking up to this fact. I am going to say that the number one wealth strategy today is collecting and acquiring silver and gold assets.

If any of this sounds like something you would be interested in which you should be, if you want to survive in the world with all of the changes coming down the line. You need to start educating yourself and learning what and how to make it through these hard economic times. This is if you have a lot of money or not. If you have a lot of money you had better learn how to keep it through these times, and if you don’t have a lot of money and are still struggling to pay bills you need it the most.

So all I can say is instead of buying that costly cup of coffee every day, you need to invest in your education every day. So one day you will be the owner of that coffee place making 85% profit on every cup of coffee sold, instead of the customer paying a crazy price for that wonderful cup of coffee.

So to start with your education you can go see this article on The Elevation Group report with Mike Dillard and see how he and thousands of other people are going to be building their wealth, and setting themselves up for this long road ahead of us with the greatest wealth transfer anyone has ever seen in history.

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